Tube Adapters


Apparatus used to shorten long feeding tubes which includes a syringe port for food and water and a cap.

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Adapter “plugs” right into feeding tube to allow you to shorten overly long tubes. A shorter tube produces less stress, strain and pulling on the stoma site and is less likely to be caught on things and pulled out.

The “Christmas Tree” name refers to the fact that the end that goes into your tube is conical and graduated from larger down to smaller diameter – like an upside-down Christmas Tree. This allows it to enter a small tube and be pushed in until it is snug.

The adapter fits both clear and red rubber tubes.

You will be able to use luer slip or luer lock syringes with the adapter. (NOT catheter tip syringes)

How to use

Before cutting your tube, please discuss with your veterinarian.

Remember the old adage “measure twice and cut once.” If you cut it too short, there is no repairing it short of surgery for a new tube.

You want to make sure that the tube and connector can still fit under the velcro strap on the collar. We recommend that you cut the tube at least 3 inches from where it emerges from the stoma. Then check it with the adapter inserted. You can always cut a bit more if you wish.

Once the adapter is inserted it is designed to stay in place and the cap can be unscrewed to accept feeding syringes.


1. Shorter tube is less likely to get tangled or caught in things and pulls less on the stoma; reducing irritation and potentially scratching and shaking of the head

2. Shorter tubes are less likely to get stepped on or be removed by other pets

3. Cap enables you to utilize a wider variety (more sizes) of luer syringes versus versus a single size of catheter syringe

4. Shorter end is more easily secured with the Kitty Kollar


One size fits all tubes


Adapter with cap is not returnable

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