What is Kitty Kollar?

The Kitty Kollar® is a washable, fabric collar designed to wear in conjunction with an esophageal feeding tube (e-tube). The kollar replaces the gauze and bandaging normally used to hold the tube in place, keeping it more sanitary, more stable (less likely to be removed), more protected against scratching and damage, and more comfortable.

Kitty kollars can also be used with central lines, BE Tubes for esophageal strictures, and to protect continuous glucose monitors and neck wounds or abscesses.

The kollar has a buttonhole on the left side of the neck for the e-tube to pass through to the outside. The hole is about an inch wide and thus accommodates most tubes including those with Y-ports. Velcro® fastener closure strap folds over the end to secure the loose end of the tube when not in use. The kollar secures using hook and loop fastener material under the neck, allowing for a custom fit. There is a small loop of fabric at the bottom for hanging your pet’s ID tags/bell which may also help to weight the kollar and keep it in the correct position.

If you have an exceptionally long tube (more than 8-9 inches from the neck opening) you may wish to get a Double Velcro® kollar (pictured below). This kollar has a second Velcro strip to help secure the additional length of tube. Another option is to shorten your tube using our adapter.

Regular Kitty Kollar vs Double Velcro® Kitty Kollar

This picture shows how the Velcro® tab locks the tube in position when it isn’t in use.

This question was posed to us by our very first veterinary customer when they saw Kitty Kollars®. Dogs and cats are quite different in terms of neck size and length. So we gave it some thought and then, as with the first Kitty Kollar, necessity intervened. A little cocker spaniel had an e-tube placed, and received the first Kanine Kollar.

We’ve gone on to develop a total of six sizes, which can accommodate animals from 2# up to 120#. So anything from a teacup Pomeranian to a Rottweiler can be outfitted.

When Kitty Kollar was developed, very few dogs were fitted with e-tubes. In the intervening years, there has been a substantial increase in their use in dogs. From severe IBD, to protein-losing nephropathy, mouth injuries, CRF or even just having to administer multiple medications, the use of tubes is saving lives and improving quality of life now more than ever.

One of our end users, Dr. Jared Jaffey, who is in his veterinary residency, has worked with many owners and fielded their questions about what it means to have an e-tube for their best friend. Dr. Jaffey feels passionate that there should be more information available to dog owners considering this procedure – including what it can mean in terms of treating the illnesses as well as what it means to their dog’s quality of life.

Dr. Jaffey was kind enough to provide answers to many of the questions and concerns you might have about Canine Esophagostomy Tubes here. He also provides an excellent explanation of what happens with kidney disease and the role of fluids, which will be helpful to read if you have a cat with kidney disease as well.

We use a variety of attractive prints for Kollars. With over 100 patterns in rotation, it’s not possible to send pictures.

You may choose from the following categories:

Plaid – tartan, gingham, or tablecloth plaids.

Pattern – cat prints, ticking stripes, geometric prints, etc.

Floral/Girly – various colors of floral prints, pink styles such as polka dot, and feminine patterns.

Solid – soft colors such as baby blue, pink, and cream in terry-like fabric.

Brown Leopard Premium – plush fur in realistic leopard/wild cat prints in browns and blacks.

Blue Leopard Premium – plush fur in realistic leopard/wild cat prints in royal blue and black

Pink Leopard Premium – plush fur in realistic leopard/wild cat prints in hot pink and black

There is an additional $2 charge for premium collars due to higher fabric cost.

With the category, you can note a preference (for example, “I’d like to have some purple in it” or “Anything but orange”), and we will choose the best match available within the category.

The kollars are available in six sizes: Extra Small, Petite, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Our kollars fit a wide range of pets (including kitties and kanines), from those weighing just a couple of pounds to pets weighing over 100 pounds. See the Ordering Kitty Kollar page for information about measuring your pet and choosing the proper size of collar. PLEASE do not guess at size based on your pet’s weight because you have a high likelihood of ordering the wrong size and it will not be returnable.

The classic kollar has a single strip of Velcro® to secure most tubes. If you have an extra long tube (more than 8″ from where it enters the body) you may wish to purchase the Double Velcro® kollar, which has a second strip of Velcro® to help secure the extra length of tube. This kollar is available in one color only, which varies with our available fabrics. We stock the Double Velcro® kollar in our most popular sizes of petite and small; if you require a different size you must call to order.

Only authentic Kitty Kollars include our logo on the label. Each of our kollars bears our logo on the label. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some off-brand kollars out there, and we’d appreciate your help in locating those responsible. Only genuine Kitty Kollars are made in the US, approved by veterinarians and tested for proper fit, wear, and safety. So check for the label, and accept no substitutes!

kitty kollar labels

Only Kitty Kollars have this label. Beware of imposters!