Our Story

My name is Donna, but The Kitty Kollar® story is really the story of a remarkable cat, “Quasimodo”. Named after the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of his ugly/cute face, most of his life he was independent and aloof, giving affection on his own terms. But after being diagnosed with cancer (small cell intestinal lymphoma), he became intensely affectionate and the most loving creature in the world. His bravery through his physical pain and symptoms, way too many vet visits, and the entire cancer experience were nothing short of inspirational.

Quasi celebrating his one year anniversary from lymphoma diagnosis

When he stopped eating early on, and his vet suggested a feeding tube, I feared it was the beginning of the end. But since I had tried a little syringe feeding with him and that was a non-starter to say the least, I reluctantly agreed. Only then did I find out how wrong I was about the e-tube; it was a lifesaver and it started us on this journey that would so greatly increase his comfort and help so many cats and dogs.

However, he and I found out quickly that while the esophagostomy tube was a blessing as far as getting nutrients into him, everything else about it was a problem. The bandages would get wet from spilled formula. He scratched out the gauze underneath the vet wrap. Worse, he would vigorously shake his head, and in doing so tore out his sutures which allowed the tube to partially slide out. On the very worst day, I awoke to find that he had removed the tube completely. I was in a complete panic and had to take him for immediate surgery to get the tube replaced. It took him three weeks to recover from the anesthesia and get back to the weight we had worked so hard to achieve. I decided that something had to be done.

You can review this site to learn more about how the kollars work and why they are so important for the comfort and even safety of your cat or dog if he has a feeding tube.

I want to thank my best partner in this effort, the one who patiently wore all the prototypes, who even on bad days would raise up his little chin for me to fasten them, and through it all remained steadfast and loving.

On September 25, 2010, after a long and happy remission from his lymphoma, Quasi could no longer fight and lost his battle with cancer. Quasi leaves the Kitty Kollar as a legacy to all the kitties and kanines that come after him, to offer them comfort and a gentle hug.


If you are here…

You may be scared, or frustrated. If your cat or dog is new to an esophagostomy tube (e-tube), or you are anticipating getting one, you may have concerns about how to care for the site and the tube itself. Thankfully, you have your veterinarian for those questions.
But there’s one thing your vet can’t do for you. He or she can’t be there with you, day in and day out, caring for your kitty. He can’t redo the bandaging when kitty decides to rip it all off in the middle of the night. And if your pet is ill or not eating, you have more important things to worry about than mastering the intricacies of bandaging techniques.
Kitty Kollar® was designed by me when my own cat Quasi needed supplemental feeding and got an e-tube. The tube saved his life and I would do it again in a heartbeat. However, the wet, messy bandages, first too tight and then so loose that the tube came out..those had to go. From a prototype made of sewing basket felt scraps was born a highly functional medical device that made those problems a thing of the past.
This product is truly a labor of love. It is my hope that it will bring comfort to your precious pet as it has to mine.