Quality of Life Scale

The HHHHMM Scale for Quality of Life was developed by Dr. Alice Villalobos, author of Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology (Blackwell Publishing, 2006). The scale can be used as a guide to help you and your veterinarian rationally assess whether your pet is experiencing a good or acceptable quality of life. We are so emotional with our pets—especially when they are critically ill—that it may help you to ask someone else to assist with this determination.

Each aspect is simply given a score of 1-10. A total of over 35 points is generally considered to represent an acceptable quality of life. However please do not use this scale as the only way to make a judgment; again, your veterinarian is the one best suited to helping you .

Since you have, or are considering, the use of a feeding tube for your pet, you are taking a major step to prevent hunger and increase hydration. Also, if you are able to give medications through the tube you are reducing or eliminating “medicating stress.”

Criterion Score (1-10)

More Good Days than Bad