Our Patents

Kitty Kollar Patents

U.S. Patent No. 8,539,912
U.S. Patent No. 8,757,100
Other patents pending.

Kanine Kollar Patents

U.S. Patent No. 8,539,912
U.S. Patent No. 8,757,100
Other patents pending.


Kitty Kollar and Kanine Kollar and logo are registered and protected under U.S. Trademark #4,032,938.

Patent Infringers

Kitty Kollar® is the first and ONLY e-tube fabric kollar for cats, dogs, and other animals. As with all good ideas, unauthorized copies have been cropping up, sadly some of them from veterinary offices.

Development of the Kitty Kollar took over two years and was tested on dozens of animals in veterinary clinics, going through many refinements and redesigns. During this process, we obsessively worked through issues of quality and construction (Can it be washed over and over without shrinkage? Can we make it in the US in order to be able to control quality? Will it adjust in such a way as to allow a perfect fit?). In addition it took over five years to obtain the patents, US #8,539,912 and US 8,757,100. One is for design and one is for method of use.

kitty kollar labels

Only Kitty Kollars have this label. Beware of imposters!

Therefore, any kollar you receive that does not have the Kitty Kollar label inside is in violation of the patent. In addition, the names “Kitty Kollar®” and “Kanine Kollar®” are trademarked, so if you see this wording on any documentation that refers to a non-authentic kollar, that entity is in violation of the trademark.

Help Us Find the Source of Patent Infringers!

We have had customers who thought they were using Kitty Kollars and ended up having bad experiences with their pets. These customers called me to tell us about problems with their kollar – from falling apart in the wash to being too narrow to properly support the tube (in one case a cat removed the e-tube because of this problem).

We would very much appreciate your help in identifying the source of the fake kollars by alerting us if you feel you may have received one. If you will send the fake along with information about where you purchased it, we will replace it with two kollars. Only with your help can we protect the brand of Kitty Kollar and make sure that all the kitties and kanines using e-tubes receive the authentic Kitty Kollars they need.