Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

You will be supplied with six changes of e-tube protector pads which go directly against the skin. They have holes in them to slide right over the tube, against the skin, and the kollar goes on top of them. The cotton will absorb any drainage from the site as well as protect from any spills of formula from above. The pads are not sterile, but this is not required for this application. For additional information and to order pads click here.

It depends on how often you are changing your kollar. Follow your vet’s recommendations. In the beginning, you will change pads more frequently, as often as daily, because the site will be draining. Once the site “settles down” we recommend changing pads at least two-three times weekly to give you a chance to inspect the site and catch infections or problems before they become serious.

Changing the kollar is simple and straightforward, and there is NO bandaging required. For details, see the Changing the Kitty Kollar page.

The kollar is designed to be worn continuously as long as the tube is in place. The kollar should be removed and washed at least once weekly. It is a good idea to have “one to wash and one to wear” so your pet is never without protection. Some pets are adept at removing tubes in a short time if the site is left uncovered.

Each time you change the collar the skin should be cleansed. Your vet may provide a solution, but if not, you can use chlorhexidrine (brand Hibiclens®) or povidone iodine (brand Betadine®) which you can get in any pharmacy. Prior to use, dilute it to 10% solution and 90% water. Using a cotton pad or clean towel, gently daub and wipe around the skin, tube and sutures before applying a new Protector Pad and clean Kitty Kollar. You should never use alcohol or peroxide on the broken skin!

Cats normally do not scratch the collar. If they are scratching, it is usually due to some degree of irritation to the stoma. The key to stopping the behavior is to stop the irritation at the source. Read more here

Collars consist of four layers, an outer cotton fabric, white cotton/poly lining, inner polyfill and a flannel fabric on the reverse.
Machine washing is safe (lingerie bags will keep the velcro from sticking to your other clothes) but do NOT dry in a dryer as fabrics shrink at different rates. Collars drip dry very quickly.

Tubes come in different lengths to accommodate smaller and larger pets. Sometimes a veterinarian will have to use a tube that is better suited for a larger pet because the procedure is a rush or he/she does not have access to other tubes. The good news is that you can modify the length of any tube using our adapters.

They can be reused over and over without sticking or becoming difficult to push. Learn more here.


It is very convenient have a clean collar to place on immediately when the soiled one is removed for washing.

No. Pets of the same weight can have highly variable neck size depending on body condition and breed. You must measure the neck.

If you have made an accurate measurement there is no need to size up. If you are uncertain give us a call.
Pet’s necks do not fluctuate very much with weight gain (think of your wrist) so it is unlikely that you would need a larger collar.

Orders are processed same day when possible, but we guarantee within 48 hours. Mail orders go out the day after they are processed as our mail pickup is in the early morning.

Kitty Kollars are relatively new to the market and there are many vets who are not yet familiar with them who have been bandaging e-tubes for the same way for many years. We are working hard to make vets aware of them by attending conferences and sending out information, and you can help by showing your collar to your vet. Kollars are readily available to vets to purchase via their regular distributors.

Kitty Kollars are not available in retail stores as they should be recommended or dispensed by a veterinarian.
Most veterinarians purchase the product from their veterinary suppliers (distributors). While we know which distributors carry the product, we do not have access to the list of veterinarians they sell to, so we are unable to provide this information.

However, you can always order direct from this site - click here.

If you are local to Orange County California you can walk-in to purchase but ask that you send us the order form in advance so you do not have to wait for us to enter the order information.