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What is Kitty Kollar?

The Kitty Kollar® is a washable, fabric collar designed to wear in conjunction with an esophageal feeding tube (e-tube). The kollar replaces the gauze and bandaging normally used to hold the tube in place, keeping it more sanitary, more stable (less likely to be removed), more protected against scratching and damage, and more comfortable.

Loved by veterinarians and pet owners

This kollar has made a big difference for pets going through a tough time

Cynthia Duesberg – DVM, Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine, Tustin, CA

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Kitty Kollar is

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To Quasi with love

The Kitty Kollar® story is really the story of a remarkable cat, “Quasimodo” and his struggle with an e-tube after being diagnosed with cancer. He was my best partner in this effort, the one who patiently wore all the prototypes, who even on bad days would raise up his little chin for me to fasten them, and through it all remained steadfast and loving.
the founder of Kitty Kollar®

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