Ordering Kitty Kollar Products

Before you order: It is important that you measure your animal’s neck and not guess.

If your pet already have some bandages on the neck; you need to try to measure UNDER the bandages, or you can measure just in front (the ear side, not the tail side) of where the bandages start.
To measure your pet, wrap a tape measure or string firmly but not tightly around his neck.

The tubes are standardly placed on the left side of the neck. If your vet has placed your pet’s tube on the right side, contact us for a custom device.

Online Orders:

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Manual Orders:

(Please note there is a $15 surcharge for orders processed manually)

1) click the button below and download the pdf file to your computer
2) fill in and save the order form
3) attach as a file and send it to info@kittykollar.com


Shipping Options

You will be able to choose from several shipping options when you place your order. **Package arrival is based on when we process the order, NOT when you place the order.** We make every effort to ship on the same or following day but may take up to 48 hours.

Overnight options will be received the day following order processing, EXCEPT that orders processed on Friday will be delivered on the following Monday.

For example; an order we receive on Thursday night marked as “overnight” will be processed on Friday and you will receive it on Monday. We do not offer Saturday delivery.

USPS priority mail is stated to arrive in 2-3 business days. However, this is NOT guaranteed by the post office nor by Kitty Kollar so if you absolutely require it in that period of time please use the overnight option.

Regular mail is processed by the Post Office in a non-priority capacity. Because our packages are not “flats” but rather are considered packages, they can sometimes take as much as two weeks to reach you.