Information For Veterinarians

Kitty Kollars® are widely used by veterinary practices such as:

  • Critical and emergency care clinics in Los Angeles, New York, the Research Triangle in North Carolina and all across the US
  • Most US Veterinary Teaching Hospitals including Texas A & M University, University of Wisconsin and many others
  • Countless individual Veterinary practices across the US, Canada, Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Australia and most other countries

Applications in the Veterinary Practice

The Kollar was designed to be a sensible solution to the everyday patient management of an esophagostomy tube (e-tube) in both cats and dogs.

The adjustable Kollar fits securely around the animal’s neck, with an opening for the tube and a Velcro® strap to secure it when it is not in use.

Absorbent cotton pads are supplied to place between the kollar and the skin, protecting the wound to absorb drainage from below and protect from contaminants from above.

The Kollar eliminates the need for owners to attempt to learn bandaging techniques, as well as unnecessary repeated visits to your office for re-bandaging.

Inventive veterinarians are also using the collars as protection for neck lesions/wounds, central lines, and as a protective covering for continuous glucose monitoring devices.

Primary benefits of the Kollar include:

  • Machine washable collars provide superior
  • cleanliness of site
  • Ease of application and removal (=convenience)
  • Lowered risk of tube removal by animal
  • Decreased risk of wound trauma (animals scratch at site less; less chance that owners will bandage too tightly and restrict breathing)
  • Enables you to send home a more professional and compassionate presentation
  • Saves technician time for hospitalized patients

Styles and Usage

We suggest that you purchase kollars to place post-surgically and offer clients the option to purchase additional kollars to take home.

Each collar is packaged in a plastic bag with a laminated information card, and comes with 6 protector pads (a one-to-two-week supply).

Kitty Kollars are made in the US by hand, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Kitty Kollars are carried by many veterinary distributors. Ask your distributor if they carry them and, if not, encourage them to do so.

You may contact Jorgensen Laboratories at 1-800-525-5614 or send them an email for pricing and a list of distributors that carry the product.

You may also order kollars from Kitty Kollar at the retail price or, with a minimum order of 25 kollars, you will receive special veterinary pricing. If you order a minimum of 50 kollars, shipping is included. Contact us at with your clinic information for a price list and information.