Fabric Mask


Kitty Kollar®’s human mask is a machine washable, fabric mask designed to wear for potential protection against COVID and other respiratory pathogens and to meet federal and local requirements. The masks are handmade using three layers of fabric and are completely adjustable to fit all adults.

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The mask is handsewn with an outer layer of cotton/poly, an inner layer of fleece and a backing layer (next to the face) of a fine non-irritating cotton.
Elastic ear loops have a second tiny elastic that allows adjustment of the size of the ear loops.

How to use

1. Adjust ear loops to the most comfortable size that keeps the mask secure and fitted to your face.
2. When placing on and removing avoid touching the outside of the mask and remove by the ear loops.
3. Machine wash and air dry the mask frequently


Masks are one adult size. The elastic is completely adjustable to fit different face sizes.


Blue or aqua and white stripe


Due to the current health requirement, masks are not returnable for any reason.