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October 7, 2019

Kitty Kollar earns “Cat Friendly” Designation

We are very pleased to announce that Kitty Kollar was chosen as a Cat Friendly innovation by International Cat Care.

International Cat Care is an organization which develops and disseminates knowledge on cats to vets, breeders, owners and anyone else with an interest in cats, with a vision that all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding.

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September 2018

Kitty Kollar Attends Two Veterinary Conferences

Kitty Kollar attended two important veterinary conferences in 2018.

From September 22 -27, 2018 we were in Atlanta at the Exoticon Conference. This conference hosts veterinarians who work with small animals such as ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs, reptiles, and avian species.

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September 2017

Kitty Kollar Provides Product to Assist in Training at IVECCS

Kitty Kollar was pleased to again provide product to assist in training veterinarians at the 2017 International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium (IVECCS) in Nashville, TN. Vets and technicians used Kitty and Kanine Kollars in hands-on labs entitled “Tubes and Holes,” and “Emergency Procedures.” This is helping to prepare the next generation of veterinarians to be aware of and use Kitty Kollars when they are presented with a patient that requires a feeding tube.

December 2017

EveryCat Announces Grant Awards for Eleven Feline Health Studies

The EveryCat Health Foundation announced the award of eleven feline medical research grants funded through the generous support of private and corporate donations from around the world, including the Speckles Abdominal Cancer Study, sponsored by Kitty Kollar in memory of Quasimodo. The grant funds research of a “viral gene expression analysis towards preventing feline lymphoma.”

December 2017

Kitty Kollar Donation Supports EveryCat Health Foundation

The overarching goal at Kitty Kollar has always been to help cats and dogs that are undergoing medical challenges. Since our inception we have asked every pet parent to share what his or her pet is being treated for, helping us to determine where future research efforts should be concentrated.

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September 2016

Kitty Kollar at the 2016 IVECCS Conference

“On behalf of the VECCS I would like to thank you very much for your support of our wet labs and dry labs at this year’s IVECCS. The support has been tremendous and I know the participants are in for a terrific experience! This year we will have 15 wet labs and 41 dry labs and workshops involving over 1500 participants. The attached document indicates the sessions where we will be using supplies you have provided for us.

Thank you again for all your support. We obviously could not be able to offer these labs without your help.”

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October 2015

Kitty Kollar at the World Conference of the Association of Feline Practitioners

In October 2015 Kitty Kollar attended the World Conference of the Association of Feline Practitioners. Here the collars were presented to several thousand veterinarians and technicians from all over the world.
Veterinarians from Japan, Hong Kong, the UK, Brazil, Spain and many other countries were able to purchase collars to take back and use in their practices.

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September 2015

Kitty Kollar makes an appearance at ICARE in Paris

Donna attended the biannual International Conference of Avian, Herpetological and Exotic Mammal Medicine (ICARE) conference in Paris in April 2015. There she was able to network with veterinarians from around the world regarding new and current applications for Kitty Kollar, including use in ferrets and rabbits as well as large birds such as raptors which require enteral feeding and thus a feeding tube.

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September 2014

Kitty Kollars used in Wet Lab demonstrations at 2014 IVECCS Conference

Kitty Kollars were used in Wet Lab demonstrations at the 2014 IVECCS (International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society) Conference held in September. Veterinarians from across the country that participated in a lab called “Tubes and Holes,” designed to teach them how to perform emergency procedures including e-tube placements, were supplied with Kitty Kollars at the meeting in Indianapolis.

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September 2013

Kitty Kollar at the 2013 IVECCS Conference

Donna attended the IVECCS (International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society) conference in San Diego on September 8, 2013 with Kitty Kollar being a sponsor of the event. Kitty Kollars were incorporated into several of the teaching labs for veterinarians and technicians as part of their continuing education.

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February 2011

Kitty Kollar at the 2011 Western Veterinary Conference

Donna attended the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas in 2011 and met with Norm Jorgensen and Gene Culley from Jorgensen Labs, a veterinary distributor for Kitty Kollars. This conference marked the introduction of Kitty Kollars to the veterinary marketplace. Here are a few pictures from that event.

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